Defence History
Salzburg Defence History Museum

Our passion is researching, collecting, presenting and documenting. Our subject is the defence history from the Romans until today’s Austrian Federal Army.

The collection, which already comprises more than 32,000 items, is value-preserving for future generations.

Research at the highest level by widely accepted, highly qualified members forms the basis for publications for the international specialist and general public.

The museum an intense insight into two thousand years of military history from all historically significant periods.

The committed members of the association fulfill their military policy tasks unsolicited and voluntarily.

For the purchase of objects for the collection and the operation of the museum we are urgently dependent on your donations.

Defence History – The Collection

The collection is the centerpiece of the Denfence History Museum. From the collection, the objects are made available to the museum, research and external institutions. It actually comprises more than 32,000 objects. In addition to collecting, sifting, sorting, evaluating, documenting and storing exhibits with a connection to Salzburg, the Austrian Armed Forces or other topics relevant to military history.

Value-preserving gathering for future generations and preservation rather than destruction are our focus.

The collection covers the entire 2000 years, presented in the museum. Starting with the Roman period, it goes on over the military topics at the time of the (prince) archbishops of Salzburg, further to the very eventful section of the Napoleonic period, the influences of the Habsburg monarchy, as well as the army of the interwar period. The post-1945 period is also a focal point in our defense-historical collection.

Defence History – The Research

Defense-historical research at the highest level by widely accepted, highly qualified fellows forms the basis of publications for the international professional and general public.

The publication of own research results, professional contributions in written or lecture form for other institutions such as universities, schools, museums and / or projects in the Province of Salzburg are a gladly provided support. The cooperation of our well-networked members in relevant military scientific publications is also receiving high recognition at home and abroad. Supervising students in their scientific and high school students in their prescientific work complements this activity.

Defence History – The Museum

The museum offers an intense insight into two thousand years of military history from all historically important epochs – from the Romans to today.

The Austrian Armed Forces of the Second Republic and its traditions are the central focus of the presentation. In particular, actual tasks of our army, the peacekeeping engagements in Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans are documented in exhibitions. Main focus are the collection of exhibits, specialist literature and original sources – more than 32,000 objects in total. At regular intervals special collections such as uniforms, medals and decorations, special equipment and its developments, artistic work by soldiers as well as unique documents and records of military history are made available to the public at home and abroad.