Salzburger Volkszeitung vom 14. August 2007: (English text below)

Fotos: Manfred Siebinger


v.l. Oberst Dr. Mitterer, Kurt Schüller, die Wirtin des "Eulenspiegels", Mr. und Mrs. Knippenberg, Oberst Dr. Koppensteiner, Gerlinde Eiblhuber


Übersetzung von Hermann Gotschy

1 - Text around the photo
"One doesn't live from Hamburgers alone". That this (perception - hgy) might have gone through the head of one or the other US-officer stationed in Salzburg in the 50ies there is proof now by the cookbook compiled by the wives of these soldiers at the end of the occupation period.

Yesterday one of these rare issues (estimated 300 books only were issued and distributed) was handed over to the SWGM (Salzburg Historic Military Museum, established in former Riedenburg Kaserne - hgy) as gift. US-veteran Joe Knippenberg has himself voluntarily parted from this rarity. Born in the Netherlands, during his duty time in these Salzburg days among other (assignments - hgy) had worked as interpreter for General Arnold.
Not only did he 1955 take this book as loving memory back to the States he too "brought home" his wife Ingeborg - born as Buttenhauser in Seekirchen (appr 7 miles NE of Salzburg City - hgy). Both meantime have been married for 52 years.

Though the americans might not have been famous for their culinaric skills/tastes - in that from the "Ladiesclub" issued "USFA L-Cookb000k" - USFA is short for "United States Forces in Austria" aside Mrs. Amold's "Rumpunsch" ( sort of spicy and slightly alcoholic hot fruit Cocktail - hgy) you further find some respectful "bows" to Austria's finest dishes.

So the Hotel Goldener Hirsch (Golden Deer - hgy) provided to the US-ladies the recipe of the genuine " Salzburger Nockerl" (pls use your translation Software or go to Googles to learn more about the details of this sweet and gayish dish - hgy). A recipe for a grilled chicken was contributed by the Restaurant "Zum Eulenspiegel" (Eulenspiegel was sort of a joker in the dark ages and his purpose was to tell the rulers of their sins and faults by showing them a mirror as the other side of them hgy). Of course the "Gulash soup" had to be accounted for too.
Integrated into that elitary booklet of course was "Mr.Unger's meat salad" (triped meat, includes mayonaise, spices and other ingredients - hgy) .

That the Ladies from the "Ladies club" did compile that cookbook with a certain humor (eye winking .) too you can read straight out of the foreword: Therein they dedicate that book to their husbands - and so it came as no surprise the joyful consumption of these recipies had made them overweighty to a not neglecting degree.

2 - Text at right side of the photo (italics):
A cookbok for Salzburgs Historic Military Museum-, Joe Knippenberg and his wife Ingeborg presented that "USFA L-Cookbook" to the Chairman of that museum, Col. Kurt Mitterer (re.) as gilt. Mrs. Knippenberg definitely knows firsthand of all these austrian specialities integrated in that booklet - she is born in Seekirchen (7 miles NE of Salzburg City - hgy).

Besuch des Ehepaares Knippenberg im SWGM

v.l. Oberst Dr. Kurt Mitterer, Gerlinde Eiblhuber, Mr. und Mrs. Knippenberg, Oberst iR Dr. Bruno Koppensteiner, Guido von Zobel-Giebelstatt, Kurt Schüller